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    Mario and friends run across a colorful landscape that is being magically transformed as they go.Mario and friends run across a colorful landscape that is being magically transformed as they go.Mario and friends run across a colorful landscape that is being magically transformed as they go.
    Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder

    Available now — only on the Nintendo Switch™ system!

    Welcome to the Flower Kingdom!

    Jump into the unexpected with Mario

    Classic Mario gameplay is turned on its head with the addition of Wonder Flowers in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game.

    Mario is seen in his elephant form.

    Transform your world with Wonder Flowers!

    Try it

    Who will you pick?

    You can play as one of these heroic Super Mario characters!

    A friendly flower offers a word of encouragement.A friendly flower offers a word of encouragement.

    There's so many of them!

    • Mario jumps into the air.


      Mario is always ready to help a friend, take on a new challenge, or jump on a Koopa's head!

    • Luigi is using his hat as a parachute.


      Mario's "little" brother. When these bros team up, there's nothing they can't achieve!

    • Peach jumps with her first in the air.


      The beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is always ready to jump into action.

    • Daisy points at something in front of her.


      She's got a gown and a crown, but this friendly princess is totally down to earth.

    • A pair of Toads run and tumble.


      They may be small, but they have big hearts!

    • Toadette skips happily along.


      This pink-and-white member of the Toad species gets really pumped up when she's out to save the day!

    Great for beginners

    Yoshis and Nabbit don't take damage, so they're perfect for players who are just starting out.

    Powerful power-ups

    You can really mix things up with these wild new power-ups!

    • Mario uses the Elephant Fruit and transforms into an elephant.

      Elephant Fruit

      You can transform into an elephant that can swing its trunk to trounce enemies.

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    • Mario uses a Bubble Flower and blasts bubbles at enemies.

      Bubble Flower

      This lets you blow bubbles to defeat baddies or to bounce on!

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    • Mario uses a Drill Mushroom and drills through different areas.

      Drill Mushroom

      You can drill through the ground (and ceiling!) to find new places to explore.

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    You can collect different badges throughout the game and use them to get fun new powers!

    You can share the wonder with friends and family

    You can team up with up to three friends locally* on one Nintendo Switch™️ system and race through these worlds together!

    • Luigi, Peach, a yellow Toad, and Mario are seen running across a course in mulitplayer mode.

      Sharing is caring

      If you've collected power-ups along the way, you can share them with your pals to give them a boost.

    • A blue Yoshi carries Toadette across a challenging course.

      Giddy-up Yoshi!

      Yoshi can carry other players through tough spots—even if they're elephant-sized!

    • Mario jumps up to revive another player in multiplayer mode.

      Make the save

      If a player takes too much damage they'll turn into a ghost! Don't worry, though—they can be revived by floating over to a friend, and they won't lose a life.

    You can also play online!

    Take your adventure online with Nintendo Switch Online.**

    • Daisy follows another player's path across a level.

      Follow the leader

      If you're playing solo or with a friend online, you can see where other online players have gone before you, helping you find the best way forward.

    • Several players are seen in the lobby of an online multiplayer session.

      The more the merrier

      You can play online with up to 12 friends in a Co-Op Room, with up to 4 players on a single course. Help each other out or see who can finish first!

    • A player places a standee of Mario on a course to help other players in multiplayer mode.

      Sensational standees

      If you place a standee while you're playing online, other players can use them to revive themselves! You can visit Poplin Shops on the world map and try to collect them all.

    Yoshi, a blue Toad, Luigi, and Mario appear to have been transformed into Goombas.

    Available now!

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    Physical edition

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    Limited-edition Nintendo Switch™️ - OLED Model - Mario Red Edition—available now!

    You can play in style with the Nintendo Switch — OLED Model: Mario Red Edition system. The system features a console, dock, and Joy-Con™ controllers all in Mario Red. A Mario silhouette jumps into action on the back of the dock and you may even find some hidden coins!